Booking your hotel on the road

Booking a car holiday is more popular than ever today. This is largely due to the fact that people want to enjoy optimal freedom during their holiday. This is something that is missing when you book a flight holiday without a rental car. Taking a road trip therefore really appeals to many people. However, even during such a holiday, you will want to stay in nice accommodation. After all, when you drive many kilometres every day, a good night’s sleep is crucial. Do you agree with that? Then discover on this page how you can book a road trip hotel quickly, easily and inexpensively!

Book a hotel along the way during your road trip

Many people who go on a car holiday choose to book their hotel along the way. This means that they don’t make any reservations in advance, so they can really enjoy the ultimate freedom. That in itself nice, of course, but there are also disadvantages to this choice. Sometimes all hotels might already be full, particularly if you’re travelling during the high season. It is also true that the prices can be disappointing. Many hotels calculate their nightly rates on the basis of supply & demand.

Advantages of booking your hotel in advance

Booking a hotel along the way during your road trip is not always the most interesting choice. A possible alternative is of course to book your hotels before departure. This does require a thorough planning. Normally this planning would take a lot of time and effort, but fortunately it can be done differently. Here on you can quickly find and book the best hotels along your route. How does that work exactly? By entering the following information in our road trip planner:

1.      The place from where your road trip or car holiday will start;

2.      The final destination of your road trip;

3.      Exactly how much time you want to drive per day;

Booking in advance will give you all the time you need to make the right choice. Moreover, this way you will avoid a lot of stress during your holiday. This is the only way to really get the most out of your trip!

Booking a hotel along the way is often not the best choice

Of course, you can also book your hotel on the way, but the above makes clear that this is often not the best choice at all, on the contrary. Not only is there a risk that you will be confronted with a fully booked hotel but having to find a (suitable) place to stay on the spot always causes needless stress. That’s not what you want during your holiday. It should be clear, therefore, that booking your accommodation before the start of your car holiday is always worth considering. The road trip planner which can be found here at can help you with this!

Do you prefer different accommodation?

Do you not like the idea of staying in a hotel? Would you prefer different accommodation? That is also possible. Using our road trip planner, it is also perfectly possible to book an overnight stay in an apartment or a bed & breakfast. Regardless of your preference in terms of accommodation, the road trip planner which can be found here at will be able to help you!